Soomin Chae 채수민

Soomin Chae채수민

Choreographer, Dancer & Performance Artist

Do You Want to Continue This Game? 4, 3, 2, 1...


  • Choreography:
    Soomin Chae

“Do You Want to Continue This Game? 4, 3, 2, 1...” is a reflective performance that delves into the desire to escape the monotony of daily life.

The piece contemplates how to find joy amidst repetitive habits and routines that shape our existence. This performance explores the metaphorical game of life, where we are handed roles and instructions by various contenders, such as parents, religion, government, or ourselves.

The performance invites contemplation on whether to follow these instructions obediently, abandon the game, passively wait for it to end, or discover pleasure within its limitations. Through a symbolic representation of numbers 1 to 4, it examines the complexities of decision-making and the pursuit of fulfillment in life‘s intricate and often confining journey.

During the premiere, the audience was invited to evaluate each performer and participate in real-time voting to eliminate one contestant from the game.

Closer Than They Appear


  • Premiere:
  • Venue:
    Kurfürstendamm, Berlin
  • Choreography:
    Soomin Chae

“Closer Than They Appear” is a thought-provoking solo performance piece exploring the notion of collaborating with food, drawing parallels between the creative process and eating, digesting, and excreting.

Through choosing a theme, mentally digesting it, and excreting pieces, the artist contemplates a deeper connection with food as an artistic medium. The artist envisions a unique bond with a lemon. The artist and the lemon aim to stimulate the audience’s salivary glands and bowel movements, forging a shared purpose.

By emphasizing the sensory experience of food, particularly the texture and smell of the lemon’s skin, the performance engages the audience on a profound level, challenging societal norms and inspiring contemplation on the intertwining of art, nourishment, and human experience.

Body Landscape


“Body Landscape” is a dance performance without choreography that uses the openness of the body to perceive the external world.

Both audience and performers form a moving group of bodies that merge into a new natural landscape. The focus is on the expression of invisibility, beyond fixed rules and structures. All elements of the body are explored, including the “mechanized body” that incorporates bones, muscles, fluids, and other moving components, seeking to transcend anthropocentric thinking.

“Body Landscape” was part of the Walden: Memory Beach festival.